Webinar: Federal security concerns and the cloud

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Dave Perera, Executive Editor,

No matter which combination of the three service or four deployment models a federal agency chooses when deploying cloud computing, one fact remains inescapable: that agency's data will be hosted offsite and probably by someone else.

Not coincidentally, much talk around cloud computing adoption has turned to the need for strong identity authentication and data at the security layer. But the very fact of cloud computing can complicate the latter, in particular. For example, standards for data in transit are well developed, but not so much for data at rest.

Yet, the fact of concentration of data within a cloud makes the data accumulated there an inviting attack target. Data in use, too, poses challenges. Various cloud deployment models can exacerbate data security challenges. Although it has the potential to create cost savings, can in fact a federal agency every take advantage of a public cloud simply for the fact of not knowing who its virtual neighbors might be?

Join FierceGovernmentIT and a panel of experts discuss the extent to which data security concerns act as a cloud computing adoption obstacle, the extent to which it can be mitigated, and the resulting impacts those mitigations may have on use cases and deployment.


David Ferraiolo, Group Manager for Secure Systems and Applications Group, NIST

Shawn P. McCarthy, Research Director, IDC Government Insights

Eric C. Brown, Systems Engineer at CommVault