Air Force statement on ECSS cancellation

The Air Force has concluded the ECSS program is no longer a viable option for meeting the FY17 Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) statutory requirement.   Therefore, we are cancelling the program and moving forward with other options in order to meet both requirements.

As our acquisition and logistics leadership worked through the 3rd program restructure in the last 3 years, it became apparent the AF will be better served by developing an entirely new strategy versus revamping the ECSS system of record again.  The scope of ECSS continues to decrease even as the costs continue to increase and the schedule continues to lengthen. 

Program cancellation impacts up to 170 personnel.  We expect a loss of up to 115 Advisory & Assistance Services contract employees and re-alignment of 55 civilian/military positions.

Specifically, ECSS has cost $1.03B since 2005 and has not yielded any significant military capability.  We estimate it would require an additional $1.1B for about a quarter of the original scope to continue and fielding would not be until 2020.  Based on this decision, the Air Force will need to rely on our existing and modified logistics systems for 2017 audit compliance.


ECSS was one part of our overall logistics transformation effort.  Many of the original AF logistics transformation goals have already been met through initiatives besides ECSS.  ECSS was an underlying business system intended to tie our transformation efforts together and provide a holistic, end to end view of our logistics enterprise.  We are currently developing a new approach to satisfy the remaining logistics transformation requirements.  A new delivery schedule for any of these future efforts is still to be determined; however, we anticipate beginning to deliver some discrete capabilities as early as FY13.


ECSS was one part of our overall logistics transformation effort. Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21) was the overarching transformation campaign to fundamentally change the way logistics is accomplished Air Force wide.  Since the eLog21 campaign started in 2003, numerous logistics and supply chain initiatives have been successfully implemented to improve AF processes, policies, and technology.   To name a few examples, we leveraged Item Unique Identification marking process to cleanse 1.4M records within the Air Force Equipment Management System to better support Asset Marking and Tracking.  In addition, we developed standardized processes and tools for implementing proactive engineering concepts to improve Weapon System Sustainment.  Finally, we developed and implemented the Aircraft Availability Improvement Program.  The AF has ongoing initiatives to continue to transform AF wide logistics planning, resources and repair planning, data accuracy, centralized assessment management, and predictive maintenance. Despite the cancellation of ECSS, the AF remains committed and will continue to transform our logistics business processes.