Defense Department IT reform implementation schedule



Actions to Date



Rationalized the Information Enterprise through broad portfolio alignment to

responsible authorities


Instituted the JCIDS "IT Box" to delegate requirements management recognizing

the evolving nature of IT requirements


Developed the BCL model as a first step in streamlining the acquisition process

for business systems     


Met with industry associations to receive input for consideration


Developed a draft set of IT project execution templates              

Near term



Designate initial pilot projects (new start projects and existing programs) aligned

within each broad portfolio

  • Initiate aspects of the new process not requiring legislative changes
  • Determine and implement project performance tracking metrics and tools


Engage with industry associations to gather their input in developing the new



Define the organizational structure and designate portfolios within the

Information Enterprise


Complete development of the project templates


Develop DoD policy issuances to apportion roles and responsibilities, authorities,

and accountabilities within the new process


Define platform standards and common test and integration capabilities in

consultation with the DoD CIO


Develop interim training curriculum and initiate training


Exploit existing mechanisms for execution year resourcing flexibility


Develop legislative proposal for FY12

Mid term



Expand set of pilot projects to fine-tune the new processes and initiate pilot



Further develop training curriculum and expand staff training


Submit proposed legislative changes for FY12

Long term



Update DoD policies as legislative approvals are obtained and to reflect lessons



Formally establish DAU training curriculum


Expand implementation of the new process to all new DoD IT projects


Transition legacy IT programs to the new process as appropriate

Source: "A New Approach for Delivering Information Technology Capabilities in the Department of Defense" (downloadable as a .pdf here); return to our coverage of the plan