DHS to hold public meeting next month on voluntary standards for ISAOs

The Department of Homeland Security is holding a public meeting in Anaheim, Calif., May 18-19, to get public input on developing voluntary standards for Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations, according to a Federal Register notice posted Thursday.

Spotlight: Military seeks privacy firewall for disaster relief efforts

The U.S. Military is looking for software that would allow it to look at social media posts in disaster relief efforts without violating privacy laws.

Pennsylvania to create open data portal

Pennsylvania is working on an open data portal that will contain downloadable and machine-readable data, according to an executive order.

Budget problems are at heart of DISA's reorganization, official says

The Defense Information Systems Agency's soon-to-be-complete reorganization comes in response to budgetary challenges.

Official at Wisconsin Public Records Board knew public records policy changes were significant

The executive secretary of the Wisconsin Public Records Board recognized right away that a move last year to expand the definition of records that could be destroyed immediately was a significant change to board policy, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Spotlight: Agency DATA Act implementation a mixed bag

Senior officials at the Treasury Department and the Office of Management and Budget said that many were on track to meet the deadlines, but couldn't confirm at this time that all 24 major agencies would be able to.

IDC, FedScoop team launch federal IT rankings award program

IDC Government Insights, a unit of market research firm IDC, is teaming up with FedScoop to launch a new industry award program that evaluates the revenues of information technology and service providers within the government services industry.

Supreme Court grants exception to no-cell phone policy for hearing-impaired attorneys

For the first time, a group of hearing-impaired attorneys were allowed to bring smartphones into the U.S. Supreme Court to assist with their admission to the Supreme Court bar.

Feds look to citizen scientists for the next great discovery

The U.S. federal government is diving into the world of citizen science and scientific crowdsourcing with its new website.

Survey: Federal employees' confidence in agencies' cybersecurity plunges

Dell last took the survey in 2014, and since then, of course, the Office of Management and Budget was the target of a major breach, so a drop in info security confidence is hardly surprising. Still, the scale of the drop is staggering.

US Navy offers $26M contract to small business to train military cyber personnel

The U.S. Navy is offering a $26 million five-year contract to a small business to train the Navy and Marine Corps' cyber personnel.

Spotlight: Sen. Warren introduces return-free tax filing legislation

If the bill came to fruition, the Internal Revenue Service would provide taxpayers with tax forms filled out in advance, making it unnecessary to hire an accountant or use a tax return software.

Hackers reportedly lock NJ police department servers

The Newark, N.J., Police Department spent four days last week cleaning up after a virus infected its computer systems.

Canadian government puts private data at risk, reports show

The Canadian government put tens of thousands of people's personal information at risk last year, according to a news report.

IG report: NASA has insufficient info security framework

NASA lacks an agencywide information security management framework and should hire a permanent senior security officer to better address its risk management efforts, a recent Inspector General report found.

Spotlight: Senate encryption bill resembles Chinese legislation

In 2014, the National People's Congress was considering a similar bill that would have required tech companies to build backdoors for the Chinese government, and would have mandated that companies store customer data on servers located in China.

House bill would subject National Security Council discussions to FOIA

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) introduced a bill, HR 4922, last week that would make the White House's National Security Council subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.

VA sees number of intrusion attempts up, affected veterans down in March threat report

The Department of Veterans Affairs saw a rise in intrusion attempts and suspicious emails in March, but the agency said it blocked or contained all such threats.

DHS commercializes tool that assesses cyber and physical risks

The Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate has licensed another cybersecurity technology for commercialization under its Transition to Practice program.