Don't blame funding for NextGen's slow rollout, says DOT IG

While some lawmakers find the Federal Aviation Administration's implementation of key 2020 NextGen program milestones slow, the Transportation Department's Inspector General says it's not due to inadequate funding.

HHS considering Desktop as a Service

The Health and Human Services Department is interested in moving as many as 200,000 desktop computers to the cloud as part of a shift to Desktop as a Service, or DaaS.

IG: State Department bureau needs to develop IT strategy, manage networks more efficiently

A bureau that promotes the State Department's policy-advocacy work through videos, social media, interactive web chats and other means still has not established an IT strategy that matches up with business needs, an investigation has found.

Report: Data show U.S. far outpacing Europe in broadband race

Despite media reports that the United States is falling behind Europe in the broadband race, far more American households have greater access to next-generation networks than households in Europe, a recent paper says.

NTIA head: 'Smooth transition' to new Internet governance model needs participation, transparency, consensus

A "smooth transition" from U.S. control over web addresses to a new, international group will require active participation of stakeholders, support for the new governance model, consensus and greater accountability and transparency, said the head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration at ICANN's London meeting June 23. to get a reboot

The Federal Bureau of Investigation plans to relaunch its public-facing website, according to a June 20 presolicitation notice from the Justice Department. "The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a requirement for information technology services for Internet web presence software applications, content management, content delivery and technology environments," says the post.

NIST launches new cloud computing working groups

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is standing up three new working groups to fulfill requirements laid out in the U.S. government's Cloud Computing Standards and Technology Roadmap. The roadmap (pdf), which NIST published in November 2011, details high priority tasks necessary to further cloud adoption in the federal government and elsewhere.

Kass-Hout: FDA using cloud computing, new tools to store, access and analyze big data

The Food and Drug Administration is building an "innovative technology environment," which relies in part on cloud computing to handle an influx of big data as well as tools to identify, extract and analyze information, the regulatory agency's chief health informatics officer wrote in an agency blog.

Shortage of cybersecurity pros in government, business potentially undermines national cybersecurity, finds RAND

Is there a shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the federal government and private sector that's leaving the U.S. vulnerable to cyber attacks? The short answer is yes, according to a new RAND report that thoroughly reviewed studies, interviewed experts and examined what's been written about the labor market for this field.

IG: NOAA's next-gen satellite program cost estimate more solid, but subject to change

While the latest estimated cost of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's next-generation environmental satellite program is more solid, several factors could potentially affect that figure, according to a new audit.

OIG wants to know how the Internet of Things applies to USPS

The Postal Service office of inspector general wants to know how the Internet of Things, data strategy and analytics could be applied to USPS operations, infrastructure, products and services, according to a solicitation posted June 17 to FedBizOpps.

Cross-sector NSTIC implementation tough to crack, says panel

Reaching the point where identity solutions that apply to the healthcare sector could also be accepted in the area of financial services or other sectors continues to be a challenge for the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group.

VanRoekel: FITARA has 'the right themes', but more comprehensive approach needed

The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, which passed in the House May 22 as part of the fiscal 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 4435), received a subtle endorsement from Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel on June 19.

HHS official presses NSTIC group to develop ID solution to spur EHR adoption

Better identity management solutions could go a long way in encouraging electronic health record adoption among patients and providers nationwide, said a Health and Human Services Department official June 19. Many of the health information technology efforts spearheaded by HHS's Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT rely heavily on credentials and authentication.

Global survey finds users highly satisfied with government online services

A large global survey found "relatively high satisfaction levels" among users of government digital services across a dozen countries overall.

DoD EHR 'substantially' defined in latest draft RFP

After several draft versions, a request for proposal for the Defense Department's highly-anticipated electronic health record is taking shape. Draft solicitations for the DoD's Healthcare Management System Modernization, or DHMSM, have been updated several times since DoD issued its first acquisition draft document in January.

SSA allowed contractors access to IT systems following termination, finds OIG

The Social Security Administration has not consistently terminated contractors' and subcontractors' access to agency information technology systems in a timely manner once they stopped working on a contract, found an audit published June 13 by the agency's inspector general.

Audit: IRS not properly documenting recycling and donations of used IT equipment

While the Internal Revenue Service is properly sanitizing and donating its used IT equipment to schools, nonprofits and other non-federal recipients, a recent audit found that the agency isn't complying with all the necessary procedures and documentation.

DHS IG finds security flaws in system that produces RFID-enabled 'green' cards

While the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is largely safeguarding electronically stored personal data on permanent resident cards, a recent investigation found vulnerabilities in the overall system, including missed security patches that could have been potentially exploited by hackers.

State seeks input on creating multi-platform foreign language application

The State Department is seeking information on how it can deploy a universal electronic flashcard solution that supplements language training on multiple computing platforms.