US-Australia deepen cyber coordination

The United States and Australia deepened their partnership in the area of cybersecurity during a Jan. 19 meeting.

In a first, cyberspace weapon system fully capable, Air Force says

The Air Force Intranet Control Weapon System achieved full operational capability earlier this month – becoming the first cyberspace weapon system to reach FOC status.

Whether dramatic or organic, IT modernization starts with understanding the 'pull' of existing systems, says SSA CIO

There is a pressing need for federal agencies and departments to modernize their information technology infrastructure.  For some, it's a dramatic transition, but for others it's more gradual, said Social Security Administration Chief Information Officer Rob Klopp.

DHS: Social engineering is a persistent threat for agencies

Social engineering continues to play a major role in successful intrusions of information technology systems, especially as a more widely used and diverse Internet provides more avenues for entry, said a recent Homeland Security Department notice.

Cyber intrusion attempts targeting VA continue to increase

Intrusion attempts targeting the Veterans Affairs Department continue to trend upward in recent months, according to the VA's information security monthly activity report to Congress.

Spotlight: OMB says Digital Services Playbook should spur action, accountability

OMB plans to hold agencies more accountable for digital services by leveraging a best practices guide it issued in 2014.

Report: FBI investigates possible Super Bowl link to fiber optic cable mischief in the Bay Area

An internal FBI memo obtained by an NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C. reportedly showed federal officials' concern that recently compromised fiber optic cables in California may have been part of an attempt to disrupt the Super Bowl early next month.

FDA issues draft medical device cybersecurity guidance in advance of workshop

The Food and Drug Administration issued a draft guide Jan. 15 for medical device manufacturers to protect their products from cybersecurity risks.

Spotlight: Sandia to play major role in grid modernization effort

As the nation modernizes its power grid through an Energy Department-led initiative, Sandia National Laboratories is leading the security and resilience portion of the effort.

CRS: Congress may want to increase its oversight of the federal cybersecurity workforce

There are several executive branch initiatives underway to attract and retain cybersecurity talent in the federal workforce. Few of those programs, however, are mandated to report their progress to Congress.

USPS cyber response plan focuses on only internal threats, says IG

The U.S. Postal Service's response plan for cyber incidents lacks several necessary features, making it an incomplete protective measure against cyber threats, according to the USPS Inspector General.

Climate change directive tasks DoD with assessment, risk management

In order to maintain an effective and efficient United States military, the DoD must adapt current and future operations for the impacts of climate change, said a new directive from the Pentagon.

NIST gets back to measurement basics

The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced a new blog this week that will take a look at some of the people and projects underway at the science and technology agency.

Government remains focused on citizen-facing apps, enterprise apps lag, says report

Citizen-facing mobile applications remain the core focus of the federal government's mobility efforts, according to a new report from IBM's government research group. While these apps help deliver public services or draw from public resources to help the public with other types of decision making, applications for internal organizational use are less popular and in the "very early stages of emergence," said the report.

NASCIO names cybersecurity as its top priority for 2016

Cybersecurity topped the National Association of State Chief Information Officers's list of federal advocacy priorities for this year.

New chip could mean better use of spectrum for DoD

A new chip may help ease congestion on the electromagnetic spectrum, which is becoming more clogged as the demand for connected devices grows.

DHS needs better data on human trafficking, IG finds

Two Homeland Security Department agencies need to improve their data quality and sharing to better identify instances of human trafficking, a new report found.

Spotlight: SEC plans to take cybersecurity tests to The Street

The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to test for cybersecurity, among other things, in its assessments of broker-dealers and investment advisers.

Audit finds IRS exceeded required response time for adaptive technology

In fiscal years 2013 and 2014, the Internal Revenue Service took an average of 70 days to provide adaptive technologies – such as ergonomic keyboards, voice recognition software and hearing aid-friendly headsets – to the disabled personnel making the request, greatly exceeding agency guidelines.

Air Force focused on cloud governance, says CTO

It's difficult to do an accurate comparison of cloud computing technology when the technology is poorly understood or ill-defined, said Air Force Chief Technology Officer Frank Konieczny. That's just one reason the service is squarely focused on governance of its cloud deployments.