CIOs get boost with release of FITARA guidance

The Office of Management and Budget has officially given federal chief information officers more clout in the government. By releasing the final draft of implementation guidance for the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, OMB awards CIOs bigger IT governance and personnel management roles. 

DOD, private-sector partnerships key to security, officials say

An employee exchange program between the Defense Department and commercial information technology companies is reaping benefits, a DOD official said. Through the Information Technology Exchange...

OPM's response to hack comes under fire

Since news came out about the cyber attack on the Office of Personnel Management, more information has come out about the agency's steps to help millions of affected government workers and to shore up its cyber defenses.

DoD makes the IT security gauntlet faster, less burdensome

A little more than a year ago, DoD implemented the Risk Management Framework for DoD Information Technology, or RMF for DoD IT. Defense officials expect it to be more flexible, more effective and provide a continuous view of security risks so they can be reviewed in a more timely manner.

State Dept. must boost science and technology capabilities to better address US interests

A new National Research Council report says the State Department needs to take greater advantage of science and technology capabilities to promote U.S. foreign policy, economic and national security interests and address complex global challenges.

White House mandates HTTPS connection for federal publicly accessible websites

An HTTPS standard is intended to better protect website visitors and services as well as to limit vulnerabilities and potential exposure of sensitive data such as browser identity, website content, search terms and information submitted by users. 

Army homepage shut down following hack

Hackers with ties to Syria claimed responsibility for an attack on the Army's homepage yesterday that led military officials to take the site down.

Q&A: Naomi Lefkovitz explains what NIST's privacy risk framework means for agencies, NSTIC pilots

FierceGovernmentIT recently caught up Naomi Lefkovitz, senior privacy policy advisor at NIST, to discuss what the draft privacy risk management framework means for agencies, and concurrent efforts, such as NIST's cybersecurity framework and NSTIC implementation.

Internet policy expert warns that proposal to improve ICANN accountability may backfire

While a working group's proposal would enhance the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers's accountability to a global multistakeholder community, a Syracuse University professor writes that some of the group's chartering members are also trying to make themselves more powerful within the Internet oversight body.

GWACs make way for next generation

The General Services Administration has been making gains with its governmentwide acquisition contract, or GWAC, program according to a new report.

4M feds could be affected in OPM hack

Hackers breached the Office of Personnel Management's computer systems and potentially compromised the personal data of about 4 million current and former employees, according to a statement from the agency emailed to reporters June 4.

Army rolls out path for cyber operations specialty, retention bonuses to bolster cyber workforce

Eligible members of the Army's active duty and enlisted personnel now have a clear path for reclassifying as cyber operations specialists.

ACLU recommends cybersecurity best practices to NTIA

No computer system will be flawless, ACLU said in a letter to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration suggesting three ways to keep access out of the wrong hands.

IRS app hack 'complex and sophisticated,' commissioner says

The method that hackers used to access tax return information on 104,000 taxpayers last week was "complex and sophisticated in nature," the Internal Revenue Service's commissioner told a Senate committee.

US, Japan partner on cyber defense

The Defense Department and Japanese Ministry of Defense share several viewpoints about cybersecurity, and that common ground has led the two to promise aid to each other in the event of an attack, according to a joint statement.

Development, launch of next-gen weather satellites still at risk, Commerce IG finds

Since inception, the GOES-R series – which includes GOES-R, -S, -T, and -U satellites – has had several major setbacks due to changes in scope and costs, lack of certain experienced personnel, and even the impact from sequestration, resulting in several launch delays.

Freedom Act changes rules on feds' digital surveillance

Digital surveillance by the federal government took a hit and then landed softly as controversial portions of the USA Patriot Act expired and the USA Freedom Act passed this week.

NASA launches API portal to explore vast amounts of agency data

NASA launched a vehicle of a different kind last week – one that encourages developers to explore the space agency's database and begin using or contributing application programming interfaces.

DoD needs to beef up insider-threat protection, GAO says

The Defense Department's efforts to curb insider threats don't go far enough, a new report found.

NIST releases draft risk framework to help agencies understand, manage privacy issues

As the smart grid, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things continue to collect massive amounts of data about people, significant concerns about the potential infringement on their privacy are being raised.