Smaller companies exempt from using open-data format for financial reporting under House bill

Section 701 within the bill exempts emerging growth and other small companies from using Extensible Business Reporting Language, or XBRL, for financial statements and other periodic reporting that is required by the SEC.

GSA touts increase in SATCOM contracts, savings

Federal agencies are utilizing more commercial satellite communication services and turning to a joint General Services Administration-Defense Department contract vehicle to help them acquire solutions, according to a Jan. 9 post to the General Services Administration blog.

DISA releases security guidance in implementing, hosting cloud services for DoD agencies

The Defense Information Systems Agency Jan. 13 publicly released guidance that updates and codifies enhanced cybersecurity requirements for implementing and hosting cloud computing systems for certain types of sensitive Defense Department data.

Clapper, North Korean counterpart exchanged strong words just prior to Sony hack discovery

President Obama sent James Clapper to North Korea to bring back two imprisoned American citizens. During the mission, he met with the director of North Korea's Reconnaissance General Bureau, the organization that likely oversaw the cyberattack on Sony Pictures.

VistA marketing ramps up in advance of DoD EHR award

A marketing campaign aimed at raising the profile of the Veterans Affairs Department's open source electronic health record is in full swing. The Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture, or VistA, now has a website, Twitter account and LinkedIn group - just as the Defense Department considers a VistA proposal for its new EHR.

GAO: Feds have done little to address potential cyber threats to federal facilities

Congressional investigators say the Homeland Security Department and other agencies have taken few steps to address potential cyber threats to building and access control systems within federal offices, labs and warehouses.

US Central Command social media accounts hacked

Two social media accounts for the Defense Department's U.S. Central Command were hacked Jan. 12, according to a report from the Associated Press.

White House rolls out data privacy, cybersecurity proposals before SOTU speech

President Obama will preview several measures to strengthen digital privacy and cybersecurity in a scheduled late morning address Jan.12 at the Federal Trade Commission, before he formally unveils them during his State of the Union speech next week, the White House said.

Army banking on multiple, varied sensors to provide soldiers with greater situational awareness

For example, medical researchers are experimenting with soldiers wearing physiological sensors that can provide information about dehydration, elevated blood pressure and cognitive impairment from being sleep deprived.

DARPA seeks new tools and methods to minimize uncertainty in designing complex systems

Researchers said understanding the level of uncertainty in computational models, which are used in designing such systems, is a difficult mathematical challenge because of the many variables involved.

Cyber attack on German plant just a step below Stuxnet, says cyber expert

While a reported cyber attack on a German industrial plant last year may not have risen to the level that the damaging Stuxnet computer worm could have inflicted, a well-regarded Washington, D.C., cybersecurity expert said it was pretty close.

Cummings dives deeper into OPM data breach

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) is seeking more information on a recent Office of Personnel Management data breach that could have exposed the personally identifiable information of nearly 50,000 federal employees.

GSA aims to shorten software acquisition cycle with Agile Delivery Services BPA

The General Services Administration is seeking feedback from industry and government stakeholders on a proposed blanket purchase agreement that would feature vendors who specialize in Agile Delivery Services, or the development of software through a faster, more interactive acquisition process.

Spotlight: House Energy and Commerce Committee may cover cyber, too

The House Energy and Commerce Committee seeks to hold hearings and conduct rigorous oversight of cybersecurity during the 114th Congress, according to an oversight plan that the committee is considering for "markup" at its Jan. 9 organizational meeting.

Utilities to adopt federally endorsed principles to protect customer privacy

Federal officials this month are expected to release a final version of voluntary principles that would guide utilities and other parties in better protecting customer privacy as their usage data is increasingly collected through smart grid technologies.

When it comes to cyber attacks, 'Who did it?' is a complex and nuanced question

Attribution of cyber attacks has evolved significantly in the past decade and is more nuanced, common and political than what has been written so far, say authors of a new paper on the subject.

SEC pilots bulk download of financial statement data from public companies

The Securities and Exchange Commission is piloting a program that will allow the bulk download of public companies' financial statement data, which will be presented using the machine-readable eXtensible Business Reporting Language.

US leadership in the global Internet debate at risk, says former NSC cyber director

For the United States to maintain its influential position, Melissa Hathaway writes that it must develop and deliver "a new message focused on economic competitiveness and business opportunity that respects the rights of individuals in their liberty, thoughts, and possessions."

DISA seeks scalable, innovative security for systems, devices across Defense Department

The Defense Department's information technology agency is seeking information about next-generation security capabilities that would protect complex systems against advanced persistent threats.

Federal IT procurement, cybersecurity get subcommittee on the Hill

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), the incoming House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chair, announced Dec. 17 that a new subcommittee will be added to address federal information technology.