US-EU standards must be harmonized to advance accessibility

While recognizing that federal CIOs have a broad set of responsibilities and that there are many critical issues that they manage, we must place a focused eye on whether the issue of accessibility is getting the attention it should.

Former federal employee charged after using U.S. embassy as base for cyberstalking, hacking campaign

A former State Department employee was charged Aug. 18 with nine counts of cyberstalking, seven counts of computer hacking to extort and one count of wire fraud. The defendant allegedly used his government-issued computer at a U.S. embassy to phish, hack and cyberstalk.

NTIA extends ICANN contract for another year

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration extended its contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, determining that it needs more time to plan its hand-off of oversight of Internet domain names.

DoD establishes new guidelines, oversight for its cyber workforce

The Defense Department issued a directive last week that creates a council to handle oversight for new guidelines that will standardize and unify its cyber workforce and policies.

Spotlight: Government email addresses included in Ashley Madison hack

More than 15,000 accounts used a .mil or .gov email address for their login. More than 6,500 appear to come from the Army alone.

GAO reviews FAA progress to safely integrate drones into national airspace

Federal aviation regulators by September expect to develop a foundation for a detailed plan to integrate drones into U.S. airspace, and then enact it in December, congressional investigators said in a new report.

IRS says 'Get Transcript' hack much larger than initially reported, up to 330,000 potential victims

The IRS originally reported that about 114,000 taxpayer accounts may have been compromised through the "Get Transcript" online application in an investigation that covered a period from February to May, but a further review found that there may have been another 224,000 victims.

Industry coalition pushes for cybersecurity info sharing bill, but doesn't want feds to be the hub

The CIO Coalition for Open Security, which is part of the Society for Information Management's Advanced Practices Council, is pushing for cyber threat information sharing legislation that provides protections to organizations.

Labor Dept. OIG urges continued action on IT security deficiencies

The Labor Department's Inspector General outlined several areas of continued concern in a memo to DOL Chief Information Officer, Dawn Leaf, late last month.

FAA: Software upgrade to highly advanced ERAM system is culprit for weekend flight mess

The upgrade to the En Route Automation Modernization system in the Leesburg, Va., facility triggered 492 delays and 476 cancelations. The system was returned to an earlier version of the software that apparently has fixed the problem.

Sandia, eye-tracking technology company sign agreement to help intel analysts improve visual decision making

Federal researchers hope the agreement with San Diego-based EyeTracking Inc. will lead to the development of new software and hardware tools that will help intelligence analysts perform more efficiently and effectively. 

NTIA seeks public comments on 2 Internet governance transition-related proposals

The two connected proposals deal with the transition of the Internet's Domain Name System from the U.S. government to a global multistakeholder community.

Air Force seeks insider threat monitoring system

The Air Force is seeking commercial information technology to help it better monitor its networks for insider threats. The product will be a key component to the development of its Insider Threat Program, according to a solicitation posted by the service Aug. 11.

NIST seeks comment on draft report for greater int'l cybersecurity standards development, use

Development of international cybersecurity standards would improve the security resilience of U.S. information and communications systems and their supporting infrastructures, and efforts should include greater training and more collaboration with industry.

Presidential advisors recommend 8 new focus areas for IT research and development

In an Aug. 7 report to the White House, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, or PCAST, recommended the federal government overhaul the way it categorizes information technology research and development spending.

DHS expands role of NCCIC, taps Andy Ozment to head federal cybersecurity hub

Andy Ozment, who's been an integral part of the Homeland Security Department's efforts to secure the federal government's and nation's cyber and communications infrastructure and frequent witness on Capitol Hill, will fill the head position for the DHS cybersecurity information hub.

Twitter says worldwide government info requests on accounts rose 52% for first half of 2015

The social media company said it is the largest increase since it first began publishing the statistics three years ago in its biannual transparency report.

NIST completes SHA-3 cryptographic hash standard

NIST announced last week that the final version of its Secure Hash Algorithm-3 standard, or SHA-3, is complete. The cryptographic hash will be used to retain document security and integrity across the government, as the tech provides a tool that helps guarantee the veracity of electronic communications.

Parlez-vous anglais? No need if Army's tests of language translation device in Africa succeed

The handheld, two-way system called the SQ.410 Translation System, which was developed by VoxTec, is programmed with nine languages and doesn't require Internet service or a cell network to work.

Lack of investment, tech are major barriers to better federal customer experience, report says

Although a majority of recently surveyed federal managers say their agencies are providing superior customer experiences, a new report from the Government Business Council and Deloitte Digital said, in reality, they've been hindered by budgetary constraints and outdated technologies.