NARA seeks comments on new guidance for electronic message management

The NARA bulletin applies to chat or instant messaging, texting, voicemail messages that can be attached to emails, and other communications platforms such as social media or mobile apps.

DHS seeks public input on creating new cybersecurity information sharing centers

These information sharing and analysis organizations may be an alternative model for organizations that "do not fit neatly into an existing critical infrastructure sector ... or lack sufficient resources to share directly with the government."

Industry group urges use of data in NTIA cyber policy

An industry group says questions on implementation of the Cybersecurity Framework that was put forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in February 2014 remain unresolved, but another Commerce Department agency could bridge the gap with guidance.

Wanted: Training program for Digital Service procurement pros

The federal government wants to know how best to train and develop the contracting workforce that supports government's Digital Service teams. 

NIST preps digital privacy framework, considers control catalog

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is putting the finishing touches on a new interagency report that will advise federal agencies on assessing and mitigating the privacy risks associated with their digital services.

Criminals dupe IRS application, access more than 100,000 personal tax accounts

Cyber criminals illegally accessed IRS tax accounts for more than 100,000 people using stolen data from an outside source, according to a statement from the IRS.

DOJ issues drone guidance for agencies that enhances transparency, accountability

The department uses drones to help in search and rescue efforts, drug interdictions and fugitive investigations, among other applications, since they are more cost-effective and safer than using manned aircraft.

New paper argues for int'l system helping law enforcement get evidence stored in clouds

The Chertoff Group paper discusses the difficulty for law enforcement agencies to obtain data that is often collected, stored and processed through shared computing services, or cloud computing, in foreign jurisdictions.


Forgot password? Don't worry, new service enables single login to multiple gov't sites

MyUSA, a product of the General Services Administration's 18F, is an account management service that consolidates interactions with government websites.

Cyber stands to make gains in national defense bill, but Obama threatens veto

To help bolster U.S. cyber defense, the bill calls for authorizing the president to use military cyber action in response to an attack on the nation, additional funding to the Defense Innovation Initiative for increased investment in various technologies, and more cyber procurement funding.

Americans feel their privacy is often at risk, Pew Research Center studies show

Americans have "exceedingly low levels of confidence in the privacy and security of the records that are maintained by a variety of institutions in the digital age," Pew said.

Private sector not sharing as much cybersecurity info as feds want, experts say

Convincing the private sector to share more information about cybersecurity incidents with the federal government will take trust building and a cooperative effort across all relevant agencies.

Think tank outlines 12 areas where Congress can help accelerate data innovation, benefit public

The Center for Data Innovation report said Congress can help shape data usage to boost economic growth and benefit the public through improved transparency or more efficient healthcare.

US deputy CTO: IT investment shouldn't just focus on fixing failures

"I've noticed a few projects sometimes overcorrecting towards where the negative noise is, because there's not enough positive noise," said Federal Deputy Chief Technology Officer Ryan Panchadsaram, during a Tuesday session at the ACT-IAC Management of Change Conference.

GAO: FCC needs to measure whether consumers receive satisfactory broadband performance info

Consumers can access data about their broadband service through Internet service providers, or ISPs, third-party websites and Federal Communication Commission reports, but there are issues in each of these areas. 

International efforts underway to improve aircraft tracking, flight data recovery

While the Government Accountability Office report did not make any recommendations to relevant U.S. agencies, it pointed out concerns among stakeholders about prescriptive standards versus a performance-based approach.

Waiting on FedRAMP for cloud brokers? Don't hold your breath

Despite the General Services Administration's efforts to provide agencies with tools that support the acquisition of cloud computing technologies, there's a growing demand for neutral facilitators, or "cloud brokers," to walk agencies through the selection of a cloud vendor.

GSA, USPS find early success with Internet of Things

A handful of federal agencies aren't just talking about how sensor-based technologies can fuel new capabilities and efficiencies, they're embracing the "Internet of Things" now.

White House contracting officer talks about flexible way for agencies to procure software

Traci Walker talks about her experience in the "Behind the Buy" podcast that features stories from federal contracting officers about using effective IT contracting strategies to help agencies get what they need.

Army, Air Force face challenges in completing training requirements for drone pilots, GAO says

The Defense Department has acquired more than 10,000 drones and training pilots is an integral part of its plans. However, the Army and Air Force in recent years have faced several challenges in getting that pilot training completed.