Michigan's Allegan County ponies up $10M for new 911 system

Allegan County, Mich., plans to spend up to $10 million to deploy a new emergency 911 system over the next year, reported the Holland Sentinel via Emergency Management.

Spotlight: Navy seeks industry help to boost weapons-systems cybersecurity

The Naval Air Systems Command is looking for outside help to improve its weapons-systems cybersecurity capabilities.

Federal cloud decision makers are looking for an off-ramp when it comes to FedRAMP

A majority of federal cloud decision makers would consider a non-FedRAMP-compliant cloud deployment, even though FedRAMP is mandatory for agency cloud deployments and service models at the low and moderate risk impact levels.

New IBM partnership leverages cognitive computing for California water monitoring

A partnership between IBM Watson and OmniEarth announced Friday is set to break new ground in water monitoring and environmental analytics in California – a  potentially disruptive change for water utilities countrywide.

Students should get the same FOIA fees break as teachers, judge rules

Students pursuing research for school should not be charged search and other extra fees under the federal Freedom of Information Act, a U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit judge ruled on Friday.

Illinois auditor general sued following alleged FOIA violations

Allegations of misspent campaign funds have dogged Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino since the former state representative began the position on January 1, but now he is being sued for his alleged failure to turn over records related to said funds as part of Freedom of Information Act requests.

Spotlight: Rep. Hurd says data center consolidation, not modernization fund, is key to funding IT upgrades

The Obama administration for months has been fiercely pushing its proposed $3.1 billion IT modernization revolving fund, but the chairman of a House panel overseeing federal IT issues said this week that that's not his preferred approach.

US lawmaker seeking answers following $81M cyber heist of Bangladesh central bank

A heist of the Bangladeshi central bank may not have been of prime concern to U.S. stakeholders 20 years ago, but in the age of cyber heists – especially one involving $81 million – a top U.S. lawmaker is eager for answers.

Interior ignores repeated attempts by OGIS to check on status of FOIA appeals

The Department of Interior is ignoring the ombudsman Congress set up to mediate Freedom of Information Act requests, according to a recent letter sent by the Office of Government Information Services to the department's Office of the Solicitor.

DISA plans cloud-based enterprise software for better DoD collaboration

The Defense Information Systems Agency is working to replace its successful enterprise email service with a cloud-based software as a service enterprise product called the Defense Enterprise Office Solution.

Spotlight: Evaluating Obama's cyber legacy

Former federal officials evaluated President Obama's efforts to improve federal cybersecurity at an event in McLean, Va., yesterday, and delivered a mixed verdict.

Audit finds some New Mexico agencies take weeks to respond to records requests, some don't respond at all

It can take government offices in New Mexico many weeks to fulfill public records requests, and in some cases no response was provided at all, an audit found.

DARPA develops tool that can remotely survey buildings before soldiers enter

Researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are working on technology that can tell soldiers what is in a building or room before they go inside.

Report details global impact and reach of government-generated open data

Government-produced open data most commonly makes its way into other governance organizations, the data and information technology sector and research and consulting groups, according to a new report.

USPTO releases beta version of its open data portal

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has released a beta version of its open data portal, created in response to the popularity of the PatentsView app.

Good news, bad news in lastest FITARA implementation scorecard

There's good news and bad news in the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecard a House panel released on Wednesday. The good news is that fewer agencies are failing at FITARA implementation. The bad news is that one agency is still failing, and another received a lower grade.

Spotlight: Pentagon's bug bounty finds 90 bugs

A highly touted bug bounty program at the Pentagon revealed around 90 bugs.

Senators to OMB: Where's the DATA Act pilot on contractor reporting?

Senators from both parties pressed the Office of Management and Budget Tuesday on the agency's plans to create a procurement pilot for contractor reporting that complies with the DATA Act's requirements.

Largest US tenant launches web-based leasing tool

Who is the largest tenant in the United States? Believe or not, it is the General Services Administration, which handles leasing of office space for the federal government. To make the leasing process easier, GSA is launching a new web-based tool, the Automated Advanced Acquisition Program.

House bill would create national cybersecurity supergroup to train state, local and private partners

A bill that would create a national group to help states and first responders improve cybersecurity overwhelmingly passed the House on Monday.