Study: Federal leaders embrace digital but still can't keep pace with private sector

A new study showed that federal leaders recognize the value of digital technology in improving their agencies' operations, productivity, capacity to meet goals and ability to better serve their customers. However, many feel government is still lagging behind private-sector adoption.

Last GPS IIF satellite launches

The Air Force launched the twelfth and final Global Positioning System IIF-series satellite at 8:38 a.m. Friday from Cape Canaveral, Fla., aboard the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.

Nation state actors dominate the changing cyberthreat landscape in new report

Global conflicts have emerged as the preeminent driver of cybersecurity threats, eclipsing attacks by individual, private actors that were often driven by financial motives, according to Crowdstrike's 2015 Global Threat Report.

Secret Service radios need an upgrade, says DHS OIG

As part of the U.S. Secret Service's protective mission, officers rely on radios for their day-to-day security operations. But a recent audit found those radios are in need of an upgrade.

Spotlight: OPM seeks chief privacy officer

The Office of Personnel Management is looking to hire a chief privacy officer, according to a job posting that closes Feb. 11.

Clapper: Cyber is the top threat to the nation

For the last three years, the Director of National Intelligence has ranked "cyber" the number-one threat to national security, said DNI James Clapper during a speech at the U.S. Naval Academy Jan. 29.

JIE has undergone no test or evaluation, says OT&E report

Despite launching one and a half years ago, infrastructure and components of the Defense Department's Joint Information Environment have yet to undergo any operational testing, said the Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation in an annual report submitted to Congress Feb. 1.

Spotlight: Former NRC employee pleads guilty to spear-phishing attempt

A former scientist with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission pleaded guilty to a federal crime Feb. 2, admitting he targeted former coworkers in a spear-phishing campaign in an attempt to infiltrate Energy Department networks.

Administration to pursue more dialogue on Wassenaar Arrangement, won't rule on implementation yet

In response to more than 250 comments from stakeholders on a Commerce Department-proposed rule, the administration has decided not to issue a final rule on its plans to implement updates to the Wassenaar Arrangement until at least one more round of public comments has concluded.

IRS e-filing down, outage could continue today

The Internal Revenue Service has temporarily stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns because a hardware failure has caused major disruptions to a number of tax processing systems, said the agency in a statement posted late Wednesday.

White House highlights 2015 cybersecurity record, teases new policies

In a blog post, which primarily recapped the White House's 2015 cybersecurity record, the administration also hinted at upcoming policy announcements.

Obama's budget proposal: 1.6% pay raise for feds, 6 weeks paid parental leave

The fiscal 2017 budget request that President Obama will deliver to Congress next week will include an average 1.6 percent pay raise for federal employees. An employee's actual raise will depend on military or civilian status as well as locality.

DoD's fiscal 2017 budget request to include $7B for cyber

The fiscal 2017 budget request that President Obama will deliver to Congress next week will include $582.7 billion for the Defense Department, said Defense Secretary Ashton Carter in a budget preview.

GPO details FDsys replacement, 'govinfo'

The Government Publishing Office launched in "beta" today a new website called govinfo that will replace its Federal Digital System, or FDsys, next year.

Grassley probes Defense Secretary's use of personal email

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wants more detail on Defense Secretary Ashton Carter's use of personal email for official business.

Education Dept. highlights recent progress, cyber plans while CIO faces congressional gauntlet

Congressional leaders are concerned that the Education Department's trove of personally identifiable information will become the next target for an Office of Personnel Management-scale breach, and the past performance of the department's Chief Information Officer Danny Harris only fanned the flames during a hearing Tuesday.

Spotlight: OPM IG stepping down

The Office of Personnel Management's inspector general – the longest serving IG at any agency – is stepping down from his position Feb. 19.

VBA execs win appeals after being disciplined for abusing authority

Two former senior executives at the Veterans Benefits Administration who were previously disciplined and demoted for using their positions for personal benefit have each successfully appealed their respective cases and will return to their previous pay scales.

Report: IoT makes the 'going dark' debate moot

More technology companies offer products and services with strong encryption, but when people use them to "go dark" – whether for innocent or nefarious purposes – it isn't as big of a problem as law enforcement officials have claimed, says a new report.

DHS posts BlackEnergy malware update as part of ongoing investigation

The Homeland Security Department on Monday issued an update to its ongoing investigation of the "BlackEnergy" malicious code, recovered from the networks of a power company in western Ukraine that suffered an outage in December.