FBI says it can't disclose details for iPhone hack to Apple because of third-party rights

The Federal Bureau of Investigation does not plan to disclose information about how it hacked into the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter to Apple, according to Amy Hess, the FBI's executive assistant director for science and technology.

Spotlight: After landslide House vote, Senate pressured to take up email privacy bill

The House of Representatives passed the Email Privacy Act 419-0 yesterday, and now elected officials in both chambers are putting pressure on the Senate to take up the bill.

New Mexico's Alamogordo ponders joint PSAP as feds push nationwide NextGen911 network

Officials in Alamogordo, N.M., are trying to work out funding and other details for consolidating a public safety answering point, or PSAP, to manage 911 calls for the city police and fire departments and the county sheriff's office, the Alamogordo Daily News reported.

Transparency questions follow revelations about lead levels in South Carolina's water

The government in Flint, Mich., is not the only one whose transparency policies are in question after high lead levels were found in drinking water. South Carolina is also under scrutiny after its water regulatory agency told the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that it didn't have data on lead sampling results and the location of lead service lines, a news report shows.

FOIA 'still interested letters' have uncertain effect on requesters, report finds

Sending a so-called "still interested letter" to someone who requested responses under the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, has an uncertain effect, an analysis by the Office of Government Information Services found.

Spotlight: New marketplace lets intelligence community test-drive cloud tech

The U.S. intelligence community has opened a classified marketplace for cloud applications, with a goal of letting IC analysts and developers test out thousands of commercial tools without their agencies needing to make large investments beforehand.

NASA's JPL deploys private cloud based on Red Hat OpenStack

The long journey of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to the cloud is nearing its end. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or JPL, announced this week that it has built a private cloud based on Red Hat's OpenStack Platform.

ICITE program could help NSA compensate for congressional restrictions on bulk data collection program

Adoption of the Intelligence Community IT Enterprise, a program that enables easier data sharing among intelligence agencies using common standards and cloud storage, could compensate for a drop off in the National Security Agency's metadata collection capabilities resulting from congressional restrictions.

Army smartphone app helps unit leaders predict, minimize impact of altitude sickness

The U.S. Army has developed an Android-based app that military commanders can use to predict how many soldiers are likely to get altitude sickness, the severity of their illness and how long they'll take to adjust to high altitude.

Brewer to become new chief records officer for US government May 1

Laurence Brewer has been named the new chief records officer for the U.S. government, effective May 1.

Spotlight: More government data breaches due to human error than cyber espionage, finds report

Governments in 2015 lost more data from simple mishandling than from cases of cyber espionage, found security analysts in a new report.

DISA wants to access Silicon Valley IT innovation, but sees cultural hurdles

The Defense Information Systems Agency wants greater access to tech innovation coming out of Silicon Valley, particularly from startups, said a DISA official.

Flint crisis offers lessons in government transparency

Greater transparency might have helped the residents of Flint, Mich., avoid the dire situation they're in now, according to a recent Government Technology article.

DoD's FOIA 'spammer' steps forward

Following a Department of Defense report decrying a heavy volume of Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, requests from a single individual, that requester has stepped forward.

Tennessee firefighters say they need workarounds to avoid dropped signals with digital communication system

The mayor of Knoxville, Tenn., says her county's emergency management system shouldn't buy a new digital emergency radio system unless it can resolve signal issues that could put firefighters in danger, the Knoxville News-Sentinel reported.

DARPA wants small business help in building an encrypted messaging platform

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, is looking for small business help to build an encrypted messaging platform to replace the Department of Defense's current antiquated system.

FOIA delays at NYC's Administration for Children's Services exemplify issues with request process

Freedom of Information Act requests haven't proven to be the speediest or most reliable process in recent years, and a new report from ProPublica will only reinforce that perception.

Spotlight: FBI unlocks second iPhone without Apple

The FBI managed to unlock a second iPhone on Monday, which it previously asserted it needed Apple's assistance to unlock, because someone gave the agency the passcode.

Personal information on 87M Mexican voters compromised in months-long data breach

A database that exposed the personal information of as many as 87 million Mexican voters was taken offline last week after being exposed to the public on an Amazon cloud server since September 2015, CSO reported.

House panel approves opposition force training for cyber war games

An addition to the House defense authorization bill would create a dedicated, mandatory training program for cybersecurity troops that play the "red team" – generally Iran, China, North Korea and Russia – in cyber war games.