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Ladies and gentleman, start your flux capacitors

It's "Back to the Future" for FierceMarkets' Government Group. Welcome to our new readers!

New survey shows cloud acquisition basics challenge DoD

This morning, FierceGovernmentIT published the results of its first ever survey in a report that examines the cultural roadblocks, organizational challenges and acquisition programs that impact cloud computing adoption across government.

Meet Tony Scott, the Obama administration's closer on federal IT

Since the inception of the federal CIO position, one thing has become clear: The federal CIO practically proves his worth by setting goals and issuing mandates.

Fierce 15 winners prove innovation breeds innovation

After two solid years I was worried we had already found and recognized most of the fierce people in government IT. Fortunately, innovation breeds innovation. And there are more dynamic people in government than ever to inspire us. 

NSTIC in throes of PR battle with a particularly daunting opponent

In case you haven't been following along on Twitter or the comments section of tech blogs, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is in a public relations battle for its life.

In cybersecurity: 'We're not so different, you and I'

In a White House blog post this week, the Obama administration offered rare insight into its thought process on when to reveal and when to remain mum on cyber vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel noted that weighing the tradeoffs is not easy.

Shutdown has long-term impact on federal workforce

Week three of the shutdown and there's a possible end in sight, albeit one that could get tripped up at any point or bogged down in procedure long enough that the far more calamitous event of...

NSA overreach requires pull back for good of nation

Intelligence communities have a natural tendency to overreach. Their missions by definition require intrusion into private spaces and since their motivation is the well-being of the United States...

Exorcise the ghost of the Manchurian Candidate from supply chain worries

In a draft special publication that in final form will offer a security controls overlay for supply chain risk management, the National Institute of Standards and Technology takes a usually sober...

DEA demonstrates flaws in intelligence community safeguards over bulk data collection

The past two months of intelligence community response to leaks by Edward Snowden essentially come down to an argument that the bulk storing of telecommunications data, whether metadata or content,...