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2015: The year of the federal breach

Federal information technology systems have experienced breaches for years, as documented in a steady trickle of intrusions reports by watchdogs and in reports to Congress, but in many ways such cybersecurity incidents reached a crescendo in 2015.

Connolly, Chaffetz can't have it both ways on FITARA Scorecard

Even watchdogs aren't immune to judgment. During congressional testimony, two people have already publicly disputed conclusions that the committee drew.

PR or forensics? A closer look at post-breach response

Recent breaches at the Office of Personnel Management resulted in the theft of some 21.5 million individuals' personal information and rocked federal IT — but the peculiar public communication timeline warrants a closer look.

The next battle waged on the cyber range could be a DoD turf war

In addition to red team vs. blue team exercises, interdepartmental sparring could be imminent across the Defense Department's cyber ranges.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your flux capacitors

It's "Back to the Future" for FierceMarkets' Government Group. Welcome to our new readers!

New survey shows cloud acquisition basics challenge DoD

This morning, FierceGovernmentIT published the results of its first ever survey in a report that examines the cultural roadblocks, organizational challenges and acquisition programs that impact cloud computing adoption across government.

A little help from our friends

Much of the work we do at FierceMarkets' Government publishing group is a collaborative effort. Now, you have an opportunity to help contribute to one of our reports.

A little help from our friends

FierceGovernmentIT is conducting research for an in-depth feature on cloud computing intitiatives in the federal government.

Lots of features, few surprises with revamped VA health record tool

Earlier this month, the Veterans Affairs Department hosted a handful of journalists at its headquarters to demonstrate the capabilities of its refreshed electronic health record tool for the department's clinicians and care givers.

Will CMS consider insurers 'innovators' under new open data program?

CMS previously prohibited access to detailed CMS data for use in for-profit products and tools, but the new initiative will welcome commercial "innovators." We may have to wait and see if health insurance companies fall into that category.