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Zach Rausnitz is an Editor in the Government Publishing Group at FierceMarkets. He writes regularly for FierceHomelandSecurity, FierceGovernment and FierceMobileGovernment. He previously interned at the Washington bureau of BBC News, where he worked in the TV, radio and online divisions. While at Brown University, where he got a B.A. in English, he wrote for The College Hill Independent. He lives in D.C. You can reach him at

Articles by Zach Rausnitz

Education Dept. wants student aid APIs

Application programming interfaces can allow third-party developers to build apps and tools that interact with government data and forms. The Education Department says it's interested both in read-only APIs, which would let tools push out information, and read-write APIs that would let users complete forms through third-party tools.

Electric grid security standards too broad, says trade group

A one-size-fits-all approach to security throughout the electric grid risks diverting resources from the most crucial facilities, the head of the American Public Power Association said during a Senate hearing April 10.

With Senate passage, DATA Act on track to become law

The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act took another step toward enactment into law after the Senate passed the bill unanimously Thursday. After it passed, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released a statement in support of the Senate version, calling it a compromise supported by leaders from both parties in both chambers.

HHS pushes state agencies to share data

After 9/11, information sharing became a term associated with intelligence and counterterrorism. But the Health and Human Services Department is also trying to bring together information dispersed across the numerous state systems used for HHS-funded programs.

IRS wasted $11M on unused software licenses

Unused mainframe software licenses cost the Internal Revenue Service more than $11 million, a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration says. Mismanagement of its software also led the IRS to overuse other mainframe software licenses, for which it owes an estimated $1.5 million, the report says.

GAO worried about pace of 2020 Census technology plans

A review of the technology projects the Census Bureau is preparing for its 2020 population count left the Government Accountability Office concerned about their prospects for timely completion.

Expert witnesses exempted from DOJ encryption rules for years

Expert witnesses and litigation consultants hired by U.S. attorney's offices received waivers lasting more than three years that exempted them from encryption rules meant to protect Justice Department information.

DOJ seeks to expand reach into suspected criminals' computers

Under a proposal offered to the federal judiciary's Advisory Committee on Rules of Criminal Procedure, law enforcement would be allowed to remotely access computers they suspect were used in crimes – even if the computers are located in a different judicial district than the one granting the warrant.

Report: IRS procurement resisted IPv6 mandate

Procurement officials at the Internal Revenue Service balked at a prohibition against hardware and software that is incompatible with IPv6, says a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Lawmakers may force VA to act on information security

Perennial information security weaknesses at the Veterans Affairs Department have led a House Veterans' Affairs subcommittee to consider legislation to compel the VA to address them, perhaps at the expense of its discretion. The draft legislation would require "very specific security control activities," said Greg Wilshusen, a Government Accountability Office official who reviewed it.