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Report: Education, training needed in field of cyber-physical systems

Cyber-physical systems seem poised to flourish in the near future as technology advances, but a recent report from the National Research Council says education and training in the United States needs to improve to fulfill the demand for talent in this area.

Schwartz: Cybersecurity framework gaining foothold

The federal cybersecurity framework released earlier this year is helping critical infrastructure sectors that previously lagged catch up to those with more expertise, said Ari Schwartz, a White House cybersecurity official.

Obama administration satisfied with cybersecurity regulations

The Obama administration doesn't need to develop new cybersecurity regulations, a review by the administration has concluded. Voluntary implementation of the cybersecurity framework that the National Institute of Standards and Technology released in February will suffice for now.

OMB resists call to lead on underused software licenses

The lack of Office of Management and Budget guidance on managing software licenses drew criticism from the Government Accountability Office in a recent report, but OMB says it has done enough.

DoD may stick with 4 separate systems to track contractors

The Defense Department may keep four separate systems to track the hundreds of thousands of contractors it employs, says the Government Accountability Office.

New federal Google Analytics guide adds demographic, real-time tracking

A newly updated federal guide to using Google Analytics to understand web traffic has added information on visitor demographics, real-time tracking and more.

FCC chairman: Internet fast lanes should be unlawful

"What we have tried to do is to follow the court's direction, the roadmap, the blueprint, and to come up with a proposal that stops blocking, that prohibits anything that degrades a consumer's access, including prioritization," Tom Wheeler said during a House hearing.

FCC's net neutrality proposal stirs dissent in Congress

The Federal Communications Commission's new proposal on net neutrality has provoked concern from Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

After DATA Act, open data advocate previews next steps

"There are many, many ways to fudge the work that OMB and Treasury now have to do," said Hudson Hollister of the Data Transparency Coalition.

FEMA CIO makes the case for ham radios, paper maps

Tools like ham radios that seem outdated still need to be part of disaster response plans, said Adrian Gardner, the Federal Emergency Management Agency's chief information officer.