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EPIC to OPM: Stop collecting sensitive job applicant information if you can't secure the data

Saying federal agencies are "incapable of adequately protecting sensitive information from improper disclosure," a privacy watchdog group this week urged the Office of Personnel Management to limit the amount of personal information it collects on job applications and focus instead on data protection.

Whitescope wins $200,000 DHS award for IoT security gateway

The Department of Homeland Security has awarded $200,000 to Whitescope to create a secure wireless communications gateway for Internet of Things devices.

Report: Minnesota restricts access to government records easily available in other states

Access to government records routinely available online in many other states is so restricted in Minnesota that the Center for Public Integrity gave the state an "F" in public record access in its 2015 State Integrity report, KARE-TV in Minneapolis reported.

Students should get the same FOIA fees break as teachers, judge rules

Students pursuing research for school should not be charged search and other extra fees under the federal Freedom of Information Act, a U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit judge ruled on Friday.

Report details global impact and reach of government-generated open data

Government-produced open data most commonly makes its way into other governance organizations, the data and information technology sector and research and consulting groups, according to a new report.

House bill would create national cybersecurity supergroup to train state, local and private partners

A bill that would create a national group to help states and first responders improve cybersecurity overwhelmingly passed the House on Monday.

Army wants tiny drone system to give small groups of soldiers eyes in the sky

The U.S. Army has taken the first steps to develop miniature drones weighing less than six ounces that soldiers can easily launch to see in near-real time what's ahead of them and around them.

Court: Driver's Privacy Protection Act doesn't bar release of info in traffic accidents

A state appeals court in Wisconsin ruled this week that the federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act, or DPPA, does not prevent police departments from complying with the state's open records laws when it comes to releasing information about individuals involved in traffic accidents, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Senate debate over balancing national security, civil liberties swirls over FISA reauthorization

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act isn't up for congressional reauthorization until December 2017.But the Senate Judiciary Committee brought together experts Tuesday to talk about the "balance between national security, privacy and civil liberties" ahead of that vote.

Australia revamps process for procuring internet, telecom services for the government

The Australian Department of Finance is establishing a Telecommunications Services Panel, or TSP, to procure internet and telecommunications services for the government through a single panel of suppliers.