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David Perera is executive editor of the FierceMarkets Government Group, which includes FierceGovernment, FierceGovernmentIT, FierceHomelandSecurity, and FierceMobileGovernment. He has reported on all things federal since January 2004 and is co-author of Inside Guide to the Federal IT Market, a book published in October 2012. Based in greater-metro Washington, D.C., Dave can be reached here and can be found on LinkedIn or here. Tweeting at @daveperera.

Articles by David Perera

DHS official touts machine-to-machine cyber threat data sharing

A Homeland Security Department official touted agency use of a machine-to-machine format for sharing cyber threat information during a March 7 hearing. It's rolling out a standardized way of representing cyber threat information in a structured way – in a manner that computers can understand – called the Structured Threat Information Expression.

Swiping ID cards to logon to mobile devices? Maybe not, says NIST

What's worked for laptops and desktops won't work for mobile devices when it comes to verifying users' identity, says the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Enter what NIST calls a "derived credential," a way of taking the identity verification and encryption key infrastructure built up since 2004 for the identity smartcards and applying it to mobile devices.

White House proposes NIST funding boost

Scientific and technical research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology would get a nearly $30 million boost under the White House's spending proposal for the coming fiscal year.

Scant detail so far on 'federal cyber campus' proposal

Details so far on a proposed "federal cyber campus" contained within the White House budget proposal are scarce, beyond a few offhand references.

DoD requests $5.1 billion for cyberspace operations

The military says it needs $5.1 billion in appropriations this coming fiscal year to fully support cyberspace operations, of the offensive and defensive variety.

Chart: Federal agencies' fiscal 2015 IT spending requests

The federal information technology spending proposal for the coming fiscal year totals approximately $79 billion.

DHS proposes $1.25 billion for cybersecurity spending

The proposed Homeland Security Department cybersecurity budget for the coming federal fiscal year amounts to $1.25 billion, show budget documents released today. DHS over the course of the Obama administration has assumed an increasingly central role in securing federal networks and in urging private sector companies considered to be "critical infrastructure" into better cybersecurity practices.

Audio: OMB officials on the fiscal 2015 president's management agenda

Two Office of Management and Budget officials spoke March 4 about the Obama administration's management agenda in the coming fiscal year as detailed in the fiscal 2015 budget proposal.

2015 Budget Request: E-gov, Federal Citizen Services Fund and IEEUIT

The Obama administration in its fiscal 2015 request proposes erasing the e-gov fund as a stand-alone pot of money and requests $20 million for a fund controlled by the federal chief information officer.

Auditors find problems with FAA NextGen enterprise architecture

Auditors say the Federal Aviation Administration's enterprise architecture is limited as a strategic planning tool guiding air traffic control modernization efforts known as NextGen.