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David Perera is executive editor of the FierceMarkets Government Group, which includes FierceGovernment, FierceGovernmentIT, FierceHomelandSecurity, and FierceMobileGovernment. He has reported on all things federal since January 2004 and is co-author of Inside Guide to the Federal IT Market, a book published in October 2012. Based in greater-metro Washington, D.C., Dave can be reached here and can be found on LinkedIn or here. Tweeting at @daveperera.

Articles by David Perera

Obama administration considers proposing limited liability protection for cyber threat sharing

Whether to propose extending limited liability protection to companies sharing cyber threat information is under consideration within the Obama administration, a top civilian cybersecurity official said Wednesday.

U.S. and EU announce closer cyber ties

European Union leaders and President Obama today announced a new effort to formalize and broaden cooperation on cyber issues.

NSA bulk metadata collection faces more proposals for its end

The days of bulk storage of communications metadata by the National Security Agency may be numbered with the addition of reform proposals from President Obama and House Intelligence Committee leaders – although both are under criticism from privacy watchdogs for not going far enough.

Cybersecurity training at EPA too specific or too general

The Environmental Protection Agency's primary tool for information security training is too technical for executives but too general for technical personnel, say auditors.

Information technology price transparency could come at cost

Total governmentwide transparency on pricing for information technology products could have unintended consequences, said a senior acquisition official.

U.S. to research cesium-137 alternatives

The potential for dirty bomb materials to be stolen from medical facilities could be lessened in the next two years, following a research effort the federal government says it will launch to find replacements for highly radioactive materials.

Tweaking federal processes to fit Agile

Federal realties that mitigate against easy adoption of Agile Development within agencies can be overcome, say proponents in a new white paper.

Terrorists eschew virtual currencies for now

Virtual currencies have the potential for widespread use by terrorists, but so far the limited scale of their real world adoption means it remains unrealized, said a senior anti-money laundering Treasury Department official.

Arpaio may be violating terms of anti-profiling injunction

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office may be violating the terms of a federal injunction ordered last year by a judge who concluded the office racially profiled Hispanics.

New cybersecurity requirements in federal acquisition system will take years to implement, says GSA official

The federal government plans to start in about a year the long process of directly modifying acquisition regulations in order to implement recommendations from a joint Defense Department and General Services Administration cybersecurity task force, a federal official said.