IG: Census Bureau failing to monitor GSS-I goals, Geography Division costs

The U.S. Census Bureau is failing to monitor its goals for the Geographic Support System Initiative and the costs for two aspects of its Geography Division, a Commerce Department Office of the Inspector General report found this week.

At the VA's Million Veterans Program, precision medicine is fast becoming reality

For over five years now, consenting veterans have been donating their genomic data to the Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA, in one of the largest precision medicine big data projects in the world. And after collecting over 470,000 samples since 2011, analysis on the data is now underway.

Flint-inspired Michigan bill ending FOIA exemptions for governor, legislature faces opposition

Prompted in part by the contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan, a committee of the state legislature has approved a series of measures to expand government transparency, including ending the blanket exemption to Freedom of Information Act rules for the governor and legislature.

DMI develops mobile app, virtual database to help manage US military cemeteries

DMI, a Bethesda, Md.-based enterprise mobility firm, announced this week that is developing a mobile app for internal cemetery operations, as well as a common virtual database and network environment, for more than 42 U.S. military cemeteries.

European Parliament wants changes to the Privacy Shield deal reached between EU, US negotiators

The European Parliament wants changes in the Privacy Shield deal reached in February between EU and the U.S. government negotiators that would replace the 15-year-old Safe Harbor framework transfer Europeans' data to the United States.


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The city of Columbus, Ohio, could see an additional $90 million from public and private sources on top of $50 million that will be provided to the winner of the Department of Transportation's Smart City Challenge.


The National League of Cities just came out with its annual report, "Paying for local infrastructure in a new era of federalism," that it does in collaboration with the State Municipal Leagues.