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  • Fierce 15 winners prove innovation breeds innovation

    After two solid years I was worried we had already found and recognized most of the fierce people in government IT. Fortunately, innovation breeds innovation. And there are more dynamic people in government than ever to inspire us. 

NSA director: "Totally defensive" a losing strategy

Although there are no established principles for norms in cyberspace, such as what qualifies as an "act of war," the idea that nations should refrain from offensive action and operate day-to-day completely on the defensive is not acceptable to the U.S. military, said Vice Adm. Mike Rogers, the dual-hatted head of the National Security Agency and Cyber Command.

Education Department must address some persistent info security issues, IG says

While the Education Department has strengthened its information security programs, an internal audit said "longstanding weaknesses" could potentially leave systems vulnerable to serious threats. The department's inspector general said it had identified about a half dozen issues from reports in previous fiscal years. In some cases, the department didn't implement fixes even though it said it had done so.

NRC must beef up information systems security practices, processes, IG says

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission needs to perform continuous monitoring of its information systems and update its system security plans, according to a recently released internal audit.

FAA IG: NextGen by 2020 a "tall order"

The Federal Aviation Administration could have a tough time meeting its deadline for the Next Generation Air Transportation program, or NextGen – a 20-year, $40 billion initiative designed to modernize a decades-old U.S. aviation system by using satellite-based, digital technologies to make air travel safe, reliable, convenient and more predictable – according to the Transportation Department's inspector general.

NATO launches largest ever cyber attack training exercise

NATO launched its largest ever multinational cyber-defense exercise Nov. 18 – a three-day training event that includes 670 technical, government and cyber experts operating from dozens of locations from across partner nations, NATO said in a statement. The training will test NATO's ability to defend its networks in the event of a cyber attack, NATO says in the statement.


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Two of the agencies participating in a Small Business Administration innovation program opted to open the program to small businesses that are majority-owned by venture capital firms, says a Nov. 20 Government Accountability Office report. The Health and Human Services Department and the Energy Department opted to open part of their Small Business Innovation Research programs to small businesses that are majority-owned by multiple venture capital or similar firms, allowing such companies to apply for and receive SBIR awards, the report says.


Postal service contract drivers didn't always comply with security clearance requirements and the Postal Service isn't adequately monitoring the process, says a Nov. 20 USPS inspector general report. The Postal Service requires contract drivers to obtain non-sensitive security clearances, which the Postal Inspection Service Security Investigations Service Center must renew every 4 years, the report (pdf) says.