More than 100K taxpayers' e-file credentials stolen in IRS malware attack

The Internal Revenue Services has identified and halted an attack on an online tax application that allowed perpetrators to obtain the e-file personal identification numbers of 101,000 tax payers.

The president's 2017 budget request: Veterans Affairs department

The Veterans Affairs department has requested $182.3 billion under the president's fiscal 2017 budget proposal, which included $78.7 billion in discretionary funding and $103.6 billion in mandatory funding.

White House officials describe new federal CISO's mission, Cybersecurity National Action Plan programs

President Obama released a 2017 budget Tuesday that highlighted the country's ongoing efforts to protect and revamp its digital infrastructure.

Audio: White House IT officials discuss Cybersecurity National Action Plan, priorities in fiscal 2017 budget request

The Obama administration's top information technology officials talked this afternoon about the latest proposed federal budget and its cybersecurity focus. 

Senior administration officials stare down 'lame duck' status, tout cyber priority setting in fiscal 2017 budget request

Obama administration officials challenged the idea that the president's fiscal 2017 budget request to Congress is dead on arrival during a Feb. 9 briefing.


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