Audit: NRC's web-based licensing system needs improvement to boost usage, effectiveness

The web-based licensing system generally meets operational capabilities as intended, but use varies among license reviewers, who evaluate new or amended license applications, and inspectors, who visit licensees to make sure they comply. 

Army develops faster, more effective way for intel analysis of visual media obtained from enemies

Army researchers have designed a user interface for a system that enables computers to better manage tens of thousands of images, enhancing how Defense Department intelligence analysts search, filter and explore such visual media.

NIST publishes updated document on cryptographic standards needed for data encryption

The agency has revised guidance recommending methods for generating random numbers – crucial in data encryption – and permanently removed any reference to a controversial algorithm suspected of being tampered with by the National Security Agency.

GAO: Depository institutions and their regulators need better information security expertise

Financial regulators need to apply the same caliber of information technology-savvy examiners to midsize and small banks, thrifts and credit unions as they do to large ones, a new report found

VA gets serious about PIV, two-factor authentication during cybersecurity sprint

The Veterans Affairs Department is using the recent information system breaches at the Office of Personnel Management as an opportunity to review current security practices and push existing protocols that may not have been fully implemented.


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A new final rule on the Federal Register would change the monetary thresholds for certain acquisition categories commensurate with inflation. Acquisition thresholds are the top dollar amount for certain types of federal purchases.


With the launch of the openFOIA website last month, the National Archives and Records Administration has laid out what information requesters and Freedom of Information Act office workers can get from the three main FOIA-related federal websites.