Taxpayers had different online experiences with states depending on where they lived

Dynatrace, a software vendor that measures end user experience online, analyzed websites of several select state revenue departments and found a wide range of how fast their websites and pages loaded as well as how consistent these sites were throughout the day. 

Veteran federal contracting officer talks about benefits of agile software development in podcast

Jonathan Mostowski at U.S. Digital Service explains the benefits of agile software development compared to the traditional "waterfall" approach during a podcast interview with Office of Federal Procurement Policy administrator Anne Rung.

Fed agencies reduce planned PortfolioStat savings as GAO questions past IT reform savings

Through the Office of Management and Budget initiative launched three years ago that requires agencies to review their IT investments annually and cut duplication, agencies were supposed to save $5.8 billion between fiscal 2013 and 2015. However, they reduced that amount to $2 billion, a 68 percent cut.

Report finds federal cybersecurity workforce insufficient

An insufficient cybersecurity workforce – propagated by inadequate recruitment and retention measures – is hampering proper defense, according to a new report.

Data integrity issues hampering USPS commercial mailing program, IG says

Problems with data integrity, customer service and communication are hampering the Postal Service's move to an automated system for commercial mail, a report found.


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