Study: Federal leaders embrace digital but still can't keep pace with private sector

A new study showed that federal leaders recognize the value of digital technology in improving their agencies' operations, productivity, capacity to meet goals and ability to better serve their customers. However, many feel government is still lagging behind private-sector adoption.

Last GPS IIF satellite launches

The Air Force launched the twelfth and final Global Positioning System IIF-series satellite at 8:38 a.m. Friday from Cape Canaveral, Fla., aboard the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.

Nation state actors dominate the changing cyberthreat landscape in new report

Global conflicts have emerged as the preeminent driver of cybersecurity threats, eclipsing attacks by individual, private actors that were often driven by financial motives, according to Crowdstrike's 2015 Global Threat Report.

Secret Service radios need an upgrade, says DHS OIG

As part of the U.S. Secret Service's protective mission, officers rely on radios for their day-to-day security operations. But a recent audit found those radios are in need of an upgrade.

Clapper: Cyber is the top threat to the nation

For the last three years, the Director of National Intelligence has ranked "cyber" the number-one threat to national security, said DNI James Clapper during a speech at the U.S. Naval Academy Jan. 29.


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Water, or a lack thereof, has long been an issue in California. Yet, California residents don't seem to be heeding the call yet, since they missed mandatory conservation goals for two months in a row. But a solution may have arrived with a new device called Droppler, from Nascent Objects, which tracks water usage in real time. 


On the heels of the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., and Paris, as well as the Boston Marathon bombing, the city of Atlanta is pondering whether to install smart cameras for surveillance. The key will be transparency about the technology the city deploys, along with privacy controls to ensure information is encrypted and doesn't get into the wrong hands.